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Sub-Health Management

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Sub-Health Management

Sub-Health Condition – A New Killer of the 21st Century

WHO has pointed out that:

The Sub-health Evolution Human's health condition is a continuing
changing process from healthy, sub-healthy to disease. In a sense
sub-health is more dangerous than disease, weak immune system
and pathogens may invade easily and seriously, and it is more
dangerous also because most people neglect it.

 5% of the people are healthy

 20% have various diseases

 75% are in the sub-healthy condition



What is a Sub-health Condition?

Sub-health condition is defined by the WHO (World Health
Organization) as a state between health and disease or a ‘gray state
of health’, when all necessary physical and chemical indexes are
tested negative by medical equipments, things seem normal but the
person experiences all kind of discomfiture and even pain.



Are you a Sub-health people ?

If you suffer from the following symptoms you probably are in sub-health condition:

You have chronic fatigue complex as results of over taxing physical and mental work or long term stress:

Insomnia,   Forgetfulness,
Profuse Dreaming,   Dizziness,
Distention In The Head,
Mental Fatigue,
Shoulder And Back Soreness Etc.
Dizzy Head And Vision,
Depression And Fright,
Vexation, Irascibility,
Poor Sexual Performance, 
Menopausal Complex And Aging Etc.

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