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The new concept of modern health care: "green health"

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With the development of modern social economy and culture and the progress of medicine, people's health consciousness, increasing demand for people's health, the health implications of rise. People's understanding of health, has long been out of the "no disease is health", "body sound is health" of the traditional frame, from aspects of biological, psychological and social development to a comprehensive understanding to health; Emphasis on social to people's physical, psychological and environmental comprehensive services. New China not only the health rights as human beings, but also as an important symbol of social progress. How to just calculate health? How is ability healthy? This is that everyone is very concern of the society. The world health organization (WHO) on health explicitly pointed out that, with the definition of health is much more than the absence of disease and weakness, but should include four levels of meanings: one is healthy, is the foundation of health, complete structure refers to the human body, the normal physiological function; Second, mental health, has the compassion, responsibility, self-confidence, love, emotional stability, deeply loves the life, good at communication, have the self-control; 3 it is moral health, the highest standard is selfless dedication, the lowest standard is not beggar-thy-neighbour; Four is good social adaptation, able to adapt to the complex social environment changes. Only these four aspects are perfect, is completely healthy people.

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