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  • Product details: Air freshener Made with 100% pure natural plant extraction For any types perculiar odorStart living in a healthy environment The indoor pollution can bring negative effect to our bodies 5 times more than the outdoor air pollution. Without regular ventilation 64% of our room can be occupied by polluted airOur product can effectively reduce with the odor from many sources such as kitchen, bedroom, cigarette, mildew, toilet, garbage and pets.In our daily life, we are often struggling with keeping our bedrooms ventilated for some reasons, which appears to affect both of our physical and mental health. Product describtionPURE Herb extraction, chemicals free Decomposite any bad smell elements Make your life healthier Say hello to fresh and healthy air Multiple functions: antibacterial, mildew and decomposing bad elements product description:Main ingredients: purified water, natural fruit extractions, food grade twain 20 etc.Color: Colorless or in Light yellow transparent liquidScope of applications: for shoes, socks, cabinets, toilets, rooms, offices, warehouses, restaurants, cars, pets, homes, entertainment venues and other bad odors The environment has the effect of bacteriostasis, sterilization and odor decomposition.Health hazards: natural and have no effect on personal health.•Plant extractionWith light fragranceProvides a non-toxic, safe and environmental friendly protection•potent deformalinStrong decomposition, rapid deformaldehyde elements causes bad odorFor example, it effectively eliminates formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene.•Effective on odor removalEffectively remove all kinds of odor, purifies air •Safe and environmental friendlyA non-toxic formula that is Safe to maternals and infantsWith Authoritative attestationWith Authoritative certificationReturning your health and fresh life, we speak with our experiments Scope of application: suitable for shoes, socks, cabinets, toilet, regular rooms, office, warehouse, restaurants, cars, pets, and entertainment facilitiesThe environment has the effect of bacteriostasis, sterilization and odor decomposition 
  • Product details: Oil pollution removerStrongly effects on oil pollution, made with 100% of natural plant extraction, which is environmental friendly, food graded.Strongly degreases oil, return with a freshened smell by our natural formula. Are you still struggling with heavy grease of mechanical equipment?Mechanical equipments are often heavily stained by oil, without regular cleaningIt affects the aesthetic, and shortens the service life of mechanical equipmentRegular oil cleaners hardly cleans the most stubborn oil thoroughly but with the corrosive, pungent smell, andcontains a lot of negative chemical elements The effect on kitchen cleansingKitchen is considered as the most oily place in our residence, it is the hardest part during thorough cleansingAs we know, the range hood is often more oil stained than other kitchen equipments. Which is the most upsetting part while cleaning itOur product can be use to remove the stain on kitchen stove,lampblack machine and the kitchen metope •Product name: oil pollution remover•Main ingredients: purified water, coconut oil, food grade sodium bicarbonate etc.•Color:Colorless or in light yellow transparent liquid•Main applications: cleaning kitchen equipments and other industrial mechanics that with heavy oil stain•Hard surface: applicable to the kitchen most oiled surface, such as lampblack machine, Exhaust fan and gas stove• Health hazard has reached food grade detergent A (direct contact with food) No damages to skin The 4 advantages of our product• Fast decomposition, especially designed for heavy oil• Deep cleaning, do not need to be dismantled, a spray automatic cleaning• Natural biological decomposition, no residue, no secondary pollution• Wide range of application, a bottle of multi-purposeScope of application: Electric fan, sink, ceramic tile, floor, table, kitchen utensils and household oil greasy surface cleaning  
  • Product details: Pure natural Anti-formaldehyde Air freshenerOur product can remove the formaldehyde and purify the air, removing odors and sterilizing bacteria No smellFast element decompositionMakes a healthier lifestyle100% natural plant extractionNew generation of pure natural plant formula, new decomposition technology, efficient decomposition of formaldehyde, removes up to 99.9% of pollution molecular Free from corrosion stimulation and toxicityMultiple functions: anti-bacterial, mildew and decomposition to pollution molecular Product features:Added Zero percent of petrochemical raw materials, industrial essence such as alcohol and other harmful, inflammable and explosive solvents. Human bodily and environment friendly. It also removes toluene, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful substances.Moreover, it has an anti-bacterial sterilization, anti-mildew and decomposing odor. Safe and easliy to operate.Ingredient: purified water and various natural plant extractions