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Hypertension Management Solution Provider

  • Name: ECG+PPG Smart Band
  • Number: JT- TLWT6
  • Shelves time: 2018-10-29
  • Views : 276


1. Step,Calorie,distance,Time,clock,Selfie Camera,Wrist sense
2. Sleep monitor
3. Call/SMS,wechat,QQ,whats app Facebook,Twitter Reminder
4. App name : GoHeart
5. ECG/PPG(Electrode+Optical) for blood pressure, ,heart rate monitor
6. Screen touch
7. Hourly

Tech info:-------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. Bluetooth chips: TI , 0.96"OLED screen                                                                                                                              2. Battery 80mAh,7days standby,charge 2Hours
3. Support Android 4.4、IOS8.0 system above

Colors:  Black   Red   Blue

Package size(MM):160*95*33(gifybox)

Band size(mm):258*20*11


Carton size 45.5*30.5*30.5cm: 70pcs/CTN T6 giftbox

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