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  • Name: Liquid Massage Insoles
  • Number: JT-C506
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-22
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Liquid Massage Insoles
Shock absorption, massage, health and comfort

Liquid glycerin silicone insoles

Massage health insoles

Why should the foot press?
Medical experts say: feet are the body's "second heart". People have feet, still tree roots, the roots of the tree dried,

Feet on the human body plays an important role in health care, so health first foot.
Liquid Massage Insoles is filled with sufficient oil. Comparing to other insoles, they can provide more massage and shock absorption. They give you arch support, shock absorption and flowing massage to the feet while walking, standing and lightly sporting. You will feel like walking on sands or soft grass with bear feet. They relieve the feet fatigue and pain.
They bring you fantastic feeling when the liquid flowing inside the insoles under your feet.
Magnetic health care
Eliminate pain
Relieve stress
Prevent smelly feet
Super shock
1.Cosmetic glycerin: higher viscosity, stronger movements, more effective massage
TPEO material, safe, environment protection, healthy

2.It does massage feet and relieve stress when liquid flows all around inside the insoles, dispensing weighting points pressure (especially fore part of sole and heel).
3.Streamlined thermal pressure forming sealing design make sure liquid will not leak. It is durable. 4.Insoles are embedded with magnets, which reacts to magnetic fields of human body for the purpose of magnetic health care.

Name:Liquid Massage Insoles
Model: JT-C506
Band:Jintong Family
Material:Cosmetic glycerin, TPEO, Water,Magnet。
Features:Rolling massage
      Magnetic therapy
     Health care

Size: man 39-44  28cm

   women 36-44 26cn

3 size with a crop line can be trimmed almost to meet all foot type

Comparisons between liquid foot massage insoles and traditional insoles
●  Traditional insoles are made from cotton cloth which has no effects of health care, and results in painful feet, sweating feet, smelly feet, and athlete’s feet. Apart from these, traditional insoles are easy wrinkled and hard to clean.
●  The cover of insoles are made from skin-friendly high polymer material TPEO. It does not have toxic side-effects. It is also used in clothing, construction and medical areas.
● Insoles are filled with cosmetic mineral oil. The texture is smooth, bright, light and soft. It does not have smell or chemical perfume.
● Liquid can flow in the sealed insoles. With the walking step up and down, the feeling under feet is magic, just like there is an expensive water bed under feet. They really massage the feet and relieve pressure because the liquid flows all around, dispensing the weighting points (especially fore part of sole and heel). This make them different from silica-gel insoles which use thickness and elasticity to relieve pressure.
● Thermal forming pressure instead of glue seals the cover. The insoles are half filled to make use liquid flows around and maintain un-swollen shape under feet pressure. Insoles are durable and will not leak out according to multi-party verification.
●  Easy to clean. Use wet cloth to clean or wash it lightly by hands and dry it with cloth. It will not squeeze feet or crawl out from shoes. It is cool in summer and warm in witner.

First Time Use:
1.Choose the suitable size according to feet size.
2.Cut it according to the cutting line to avoid liquid leaking out.
3.Use wet cloth to clean it or wash it lightly by hands. Lay it flatly and let it dry naturally or using dry cloth to dry it.
They are especially usefull for the group people who need to stand or walk for long time, such as the middle-aged, the elderly, traffic police, saleperson, beauty assistants, medical care workers and soldiers.

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