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  • Name: Air Massage Healthy Insoles
  • Number: JT-C529
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-25
  • Views : 177


Air Massage Healthy Insoles
Moisture absorption Breathable Soft Damping Massage
with healthy and comfortable ergonomic design


According to the traditional Chinese medical theory, foot is the map of human organs. Feet is the vital root of our health.
Feet are playing an important role of human health care. Therefore, our product could be a suitable option for your shoes.

Sports impact absorption, safe airbag design. Airbag will shrink and change shape to reduce external impact. Resilience provides an external force (same as high-resilient sponge).
Supporting our foot sole, lowering down the chance of foot hurt when doing sports.
Suitable for all types of sports and outdoor activities.
Airbag bouncing up and down continuously stimulates acupoints on foot.
Reliving fatigue, reducing soreness and pain, accelerating blood circulation and enhancing foot health.

Massage health care
relief the pain
Foot insoles
Anti-slip sweat
Super shock

Foot arch support, impact absorption: They are designed to comfort any type of foot. They can reduce most of the impacts due to their specific air filled bubbles on the heel. The big air bubbles under the heel can effectively relieve sore foot.

Health massage, foot care: the design gives foot an elastic arch and support while walking. It frees the pressure under your feet and suitable for long distance walking or running.


Name:Air Massage Healthy Insoles
Model: JT-C529
Bane:Jintong Fmily
Material:TPU + Breathable fabric。
功能:足弓支撑 按摩保健 运动鞋垫



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