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  • Name: Natural Stone Massage Slippers
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Natural Stone Massage Slippers

Home natural stone massage slippers
Foot acupressure massage
Summer men and women stone slippers

Healthy material


excellent quality

Genuine guarantee

Why we need foot massage?

Medical experts state that: ’foot is ‘the second heart’ of human body’. Foot works the same to human as roots work to trees.
Trees withering from roots while human aging from feet. Foot plays a significant role in human health care. Thus, health care starts from foot care.

Foot Problem:----------------------------------------------------------------------------


where it hurts

Massage all acupoints of your feet that are connected to every vital organ.

Pain and tenderness in a specific area for a prolonged period of time is telltale sign of a possible problem. 

A few insights into when you feel the pain will be helpful in identifying the problem and finding a possible solution. 


•Made of natural stones    •Containing multiple elements conducive to human body     •Color option     

•Massage foot              •Foot pain remove            •Simple wearing slippers         


In fact, you only need a pair of natural stone massage slippers every day for 15 minutes to help you get rid of sub-health!

Natural stone massage slippers are made from carefully selected natural stones. They are scientifically arrayed. Natural shapes of pebbles massages reflecting areas on the foot and stimulates foot acupoints to promote blood circulation.

Magic Sticker Design

Tightness can be adjusted with different foot sizes and types because of its magic sticker design.

Anti-Rust Rivet

Anti-rust rivet,strong, durable, anticorrosion, fashionable and


High Quality Natural Stones

Natural stones, carefully selected, smooth edges, pure color.

EVA Shoes Sole

Designed bottom pattern makes shoes anti-skid, impact absorbed and durable.


Name: Natural Stone Massage Slippers
Brand: Jin Tong Jia
Material: shoes cover: PU; fabric shoes sole: natural stones, wood and EVA foam
Color: Blue, red, brown, black (color can be made by needs)
Function: foot treatment, health care, massage



Shoes sizes














Some customers rarely do foot massage so blood and energy circulations in their feet and body are not good. It will be slightly painful for the first few use. Chinese medicine states that ‘inner smoothness brings no pain; pains bring no inner smoothness’. Thus, there is bad circulation in blood and energy if there is pain. Such customers should walk more frequently. Yet, they need take it easy and do not use them more than 15 minutes. The effects will be better by drinking 500ml water before using them.

Suitable for:
Middle-aged group
Housewife, people suffers insomnia and high pressure
indoor workers, obese people
The elderly, people lack of sports, people with sore muscles




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