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  • Name: Massage Slippers
  • Number: JT-C603
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-25
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Massage Slippers

Massage all acupoints on your feet
to benefit every vital organ.

Lead the new trend of healthy home wear

Massage all acupoints on your feet to benefit every vital organ.

Pain and tenderness in a specific area for a prolonged period of time is telltale sign of a possible problem. 

A few insights into when you feel the pain will be helpful in identifying the problem and finding a possible solution. 



•Made with natural materials    •Containing multiple elements within human body     •Color option     

•Foot soreness remove    

Foot is the root of human body and the centre of human energy. It is called ‘the second heart’ of human body.
Frequent foot massage will be helpful to adjust internal organs, stabilize energy, clear meridians, strengthen body, mitigate illness and regulate body nerves.


Massage points are comfortable and soft as they are made of high quality rubber!

Slippers are embedded with magnets, regulating magnetic fields in human body, improves blood circulation.

Wide-spreaded massage points can stimulate all acupoints on feet!

Name: Massage Slippers
Brand: Jin Tong Jia
Size: women (free size 39-43, shoes length: 25cm); men (free size 39-43, shoes length 28cm)
Color: women (red strips); men (blue strips)
Material: shoes cover: cotton; sole bottom level: EVA foamed material; middle level: PVC; sole massage level: high quality rubber, non-poisonous, environment protection, comfortable and soft!





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