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  • Name: Jin Tong Healthy Boots
  • Number: JT-M101
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-25
  • Views : 145

Jin Tong Healthy Boots


Electronic Heating Control

Thick Fabric Velvet Long-lasting Warm Safe and Comfortable
Electronic Heating: dispelling coldness, warming feet
Wide caliber design for any feet size Double motor design, vibration foot message

High quality

thermal performance

Delicate sewing threads

Focusing on quality, pursuing high quality

365 angle feet warming

Big internal space, warm and safe,

chilblains prevention

Super thick, long and fuzzy

Soft and comfortable!
Name:Jin Tong Healthy Boots Band:jintong famliy Model:JT-M101
Size:30cm*28cm*22cm Material:100%Cotton,Thick Fabric Velvet Color:brown blue red
Rated voltage:220V-240V Rated power:55W-60W  Rated frequency:50-60Hz
Temperature range:45℃-55℃ Control line length:0.9米+1.8米 Function: warm feet acupressure foot health care


1. Adjust current temperature by the controller. It converts electricity power to heat energy. Temperatures can be regulated by the adjusting button.
2.Temperature Button: 0=OFF, 1=low temperature, 2=high temperature
3.Plug out power head before cleaning it.
Fuzzy cover can be washed by washing machine, do not put the surface cover into the washing machine, clean it gently with vaccum cleaner.
Please notice that product is conclude in electronics, do not contact the shoes cover, power switch, electricity wires or power head with water!

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