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  • Name: ACU-Ring
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Massage Ring / Acu-Ring Acupuncture Finger Massager
Giving the fingers a nice and easy massage and acupuncture! 
Massage,  Acupuncture Pressure-massage for your fingers
Pain relieve on your hand Improve blood pressure circulation

Hand sore:
In the era of social media, mobile phones and laptops are irreplaceable tools in our daily life. They have brought us so much convenience, and the most reliable tools.
However, they are also greatly negative to our health. Human hands or toes are extremely sensitive parts of our body which have the richest neural system.

To give your fingers a nice and easy acupuncture, refreshes spirit.

Finger sore relieve for e.g. typing on a laptop keyboards, mobile phone SMS, piano playing, knitting, gradening, household work...… and all kinds of labor works,etc 

*To massage and comfort your fingers, our product could be the most ideal companion for you, it activates all points and knuckles surroundour fingers and blood vessels, and relieves fingers pain, numbs, tiredness and other unwell caused by repeating motions.while massaging our fingers,it also facilitates our brain activities.



Acu-Ring Acupuncture for Finger Massaging
•Finger massage rings are made of allergy-free silver plated premium steel, twisted with special spring machine program to make the wires into many different dimensional triangles in order to reach to the acu-points.
•Regular application enhances your blood circulation, immune system, and supporting the organic bodily functions, reduce tensions and boosts your energy flow.
•It can massage the acu-points and articulation of the fingers, and bring heat to hands during winter.

Our product is a combination of traditional Chinese medical theory and modern health care technology that processed under unique craftsmanship.Some customers would feel uncomfortable at first use, it will be reduced after a certain period of continuous use.

It can massage the aucpoints and joints on the hands, and stimulate finger blood vessels to relieve finger pain, numb and fatigue which are caused by repetitive movements. It makes fingers more flexible and vigorous.

Name: Massage Ring
Brand: Jin Tong Jia
Size: Diameter is 1 – 2.5 cm
Material: Gold-gilt, silver-gilt, steel
Color: Silver, golden
Function: Massage finger acupoints, massage finger joints



The thumbMitigation for lungs diseases
2. The index fingerIntestine functions regulation
3. The middle finger: Tension relieve, memory, ability and sexual improvement
4. The ring finger: loco motors system improvement
5. The little finger: Mitigate of arrhythmia and heartaches, intuition
development, nervous tiredness remove, chronical constipation treatment.

Use our product to stimulate the acupoints on our fingers or toes to relieve a certain disease and fatigue.


1. Put the ring on your finger and move forward and backward repeatedly.You may massage multiple fingers at the same time
2.  2 minutes for each finger.
3. If the rings get stained, wash it regularly

Suitable for:
◆ Middle-aged group
◆ Housewife, people lack of sleep, people with high work pressure
◆ Workers who works in in-door environment, obese people, the elderly, people do not sport

◆ The elderlywith sore and pain muscles


stop using whenever you feeling not comfortable.not for wounded fingers.not for children under years of 8

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