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  • Name: ACU-Ring
  • Number: JT-C401
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-25
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Massage Ring / Acu-Ring Acupuncture Finger Massager
Giving the fingers a nice and easy massage and acupuncture! Feel the pleasant stimulation by heart!
Massage,  Acupuncture Pressure-massage for your fingers
Pain relieve on your hand Improve blood pressure circulation

Hand Problem:------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In today's Internet era, mobile phones are an indispensable tool in people's life. It brings us convenience
but also brings us health problems. Especially our hands….
Human hands or toes are extremely sensitive, and have the richest neural system of human body.
So you give the fingers  a nice and easy massage and acupuncture, it refresh your spirit IMMEDIATELY!

Giving the fingers a nice and easy massage and acupuncture! Feel the pleasant stimulation by heart!
we can't work without our hands,our fingers e.g. typing on pc keyboards,mobile phone SMS,piano playing,knitting,gradening,household work......
All kinds of handmade and labor works,etc etc......

*To soothe and comfort your fingers,Acu-ring is the most ideal companion,it is not only activate all acu-points and knuckles surrounding our fingers and blood vessels,it relieves fingers pain,numb fingers,or tiredness caused by repeating motions.while massaging our fingers,it also stimulates our brain activities and make us samrter.


Acu-Ring Acupuncture Finger Massager
•Finger massage rings made of allergy-free precious steel with silver plated, twisted by a special programmed spring machine to make the wires into many different dimensional triangles in order to get to the acu-points.
•Regular application enhances your blood circulation, strengthens your immune system, works supporting for the organic bodily functions, diminishes tensions and boosts your energy flow.
•It can not only massage the acu-points and articulation of the fingers, but also ease numbness,fatigue and ache by stimulating the blood vessel in the fingers and help to protect your hand from becoming old. Through the stimulation on the acu-points, it can keep your mind clear as well.
It is a combination of traditional Chinese theory and modern health care methods. It is a multi-dimension ring made from high-intensity silver-gilt steel spring which is processed under special technology. It can massage acupoints effectively. 
01.Massage ring is a health care product with acupuncture massage function.
02.It can massage the aucpoints and joints on the hands, and stimulate finger blood vessels to relieve finger pain, numb and fatigue which are caused by repetitive movements. It makes fingers more flexible and vigorous.
03.Finger massage are also helpful to keep brain healthy.
Name: Massage Ring
Brand: Jin Tong Jia
Size: Diameter is 1 – 2.5 cm
Material: Gold-gilt, silver-gilt, steel
Color: Silver, golden
Function: Massage finger acupoints, massage finger joints
Regarding to meridians and health, ‘inner smoothness brings no pain, pains bring no inner smoothness’ which is stated in Inner Classics of Emperor, is the basic theory in Chinese medicine.
Some customers would feel pains at first use, and the pain will be reduced after a certain period of continuous using.
1.the first finger: prophylactic and treatment of lungs diseases;
2. the second finger: intestine functions regulation;
3. the third finger: pressure normalization, memory, ability and sexuality improvement;
4. the fourth finger: locomotors system improvement;
5. the fifth finger: treatment and prophylactic of arrhythmia and heartaches, intuition
development, nervous tiredness remove, chronical constipation treatment.
6. Using this acu ring to acupuncture the acupoints on finger or toes to cure a certain disease or relieve the fatigue.
Do your fingers or toes massage in any where any time!
Acupressure Massage rings have been designed for intense stimulation of fingers and toes. Hands are very important part of our body, we use them for daily life every day. Keep massaging your hand with our caregiver- acupuncture finger massage rings, and make them full of vigor all the time.
1. Put the ring into your finger and repeat moving it in and out. You may also do massage to two or more fingers at the same time.
2. The best treatment time is 2 minutes for each finger.
3. If the rings get dirty, please wash it carefully with pure water.
•Massage of the first finger: prophylactic and treatment of lungs diseases.
•Massage of the second finger: intestine functions regulation.
•Massage of the third finger: pressure normalization, memory, ability and sexuality improvement.
•Massage of the fourth finger: loco-motor system improvement.
•Massage of the fifth finger: treatment and prophylactic of arrhythmia and heartaches, intuition development, nervous tiredness remove, chronicle constipation treatment.
stop using whenever you feeling not comfortable.not for wounded fingers.not for children under years of 8
Suitable for:
◆ Middle-aged woman, office worker
◆ Housewife, people lack of sleep, people with high work pressure
◆ Workers working long time in air-conditioned environment, obese people, the elderly, people lack of sports
◆ The elderly, people lack of sports, people with sore and pain muscles

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