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Hand Problem:-------------------------------------------------------------
In today's Internet era, mobile phones are an indispensable tool in people's life. It brings us convenience 
but also brings us health problems. Especially our hands….
Human hands or toes are extremely sensitive, and have the richest neural system of human body. 
So you give the fingers  a nice and easy massage and acupuncture, it refresh your spirit IMMEDIATELY!
Acupressure Balls
•Acupunture two hands at the moment 
•Also can use Acu ball on pain part easy
•Relax and vivify the hands      •Magnet to improve blood pressure circulation

Hands and feet are of vital importance to good health
● Hands and feet are symbols of body, which act on internal organs greatly and are regarded as the second heart of human body.
● So many blood vessels gathered inside hands and feet. Hands, in particular, have over 20000 reflex points more than feet.
● Hand is of importance to body, which is the organ with so many channels and acupoints.
● Inside body are 14 channels that mainly run through hands and feet.
● If some body feels ill, the internal circulation of vital energy will be influenced,which can cause an affect on the related organs through the channel. At such time, to excite the related channels or acupoint will relieve the ill symptom.
Giving the fingers a nice and easy massage and acupuncture! Feel the pleasant stimulation by heart!
1).Acupuncture two hands at the moment
2).Remove the pain for your body
3).Relax and vivify the hands
4).Also can use Acu-ball on pain part easy
5).Magnet to improve blood pressure circulation
6).Reasonable size for all people

It is a massager suitable for hand massage, which combines traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern health care methods.
Acupuncture massage ball (magnetic therapy ball) can relieve fatigue effectively, enhance grabbing force, stimulate acupoints in the palms, clear blood and energy circulation and help blood circulation.
Magnet Acupuncture Ball is developed on the basis of massaging heedle, the Oriental medical instrument. Use it to massage hands and feet so as to prevent diseases and improve function of the brain
● Using Magnet Acupuncture Ball to excite the nerve and acupoint can promote blood circulation and improve health.
● More than 400 golden needles on the surface of the Ball are distributed according to the acupoint system of human body, which work to excite nerve and acupoint.
● Magnetic bead inside Magnet Acupuncture Ball is effective to promote blood circulation.
01.Training finger force, strengthening body; finger force and physical power are enhanced after long time use. Enhancing grab force and training finger flexibility.

02.Palms are connected with internal organs. It will strengthen internal organs. Static and thermal effects between the ball and palm will be delivered to all over the body when turning the ball.

1.1.Human engineering design, specially for hands;
2..All –round hand massage with its special shape;
3.Environmental protection material, nonpoisonous and tasteless, durable;
4.Hundreds of massage points, stimulating acupoints, magnetic therapy;
5.Light, portable and easy to clean;
6.Easy to use at home and office;

Name: Acupuncture Massage Ball (Magnetic Therapy Ball)
Brand: Jin Tong Jia
Size: Diameter is around 5.2cm
Material: Magnets, high quality ABS
Color: Silver, golden
Function: Acupuncture massage bulging points, all-round massage. Palms’ acupoints! Magnetic therapy health care!
Regarding to meridians and health, ‘inner smoothness brings no pain, pains bring no inner smoothness’ which is stated in Inner Classics of Emperor, is the basic theory in Chinese medicine.
Some customers would feel pains at first use, and the pain will be reduced after a certain period of continuous using.
Suitable for:
◆ Middle-aged woman, office worker
◆ Housewife, people lack of sleep, people with high work pressure
◆ Workers working long time in air-conditioned environment, obese people, the elderly, people lack of sports
◆ The elderly, people lack of sports, people with sore and pain muscles
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