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  • Name: Heating Wrist Strap
  • Number: JT-Y16
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-25
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Heating Wrist Supporter
4-in-1 self-heating ankle protector: FIR (far infrared), anion, magnetic care, self-heating.
For stiff, tired and joint sores.

High quality elastic material made with NANO TECHNOLOGY

Nature fast heating without power source

Strongly protects your sprained joints

Facilitates blood circulation, pain relief and keeps warm for protection and recovery
1. SBR material 2. Nano technical
3. Improve blood circulation and pain relief fast 4. Natural heating
5 .Magnet health
6. With tourmaline
7. No need to wear it whole day.
8. No side effect

This self-heating therapy product was invented based on the core of active superconducting energy elements and natural mineral tourmaline, a mixture with the advanced nano biological functional materials.

To adjust human body energy, the products continuously release biological magnetic wave, as known as anion and FIR, to produce deep thermal effects. The products can enhance blood circulation to relieve fatigue and pain. The series is for self-treating health care.

Relieve for soreness, numb, pain and stiffness in joints.

1. 4-in-1: FIR (far infrared), anion, magnetic, self-heating.

2. Comfy and fashionable. 

3. Suitable for athletes, middle-aged people and the elderly.
Enhance blood circulation
Relieve muscle fatigue
Reduce joint sores
Body warming, cold prevention, mitigate rheumatism


Product Name:Heating Wrist Strap
Product size: 32cm× 7cm
Suitable groups: All
Package 1.Ordinary color box packaging
    2.PP plastic bag
    3.Product manual


Embedded with lodestones:

Embedded with five lodestones. They are located at acupoints on cervical vertebra.


Heating dots lattice:

New generation of heating dots lattice reduces the discomfort that caused by low temperature. The dots are high-density arranged. 

Composite Material:
Soft, skin-friendly, elastic


Super strong velcro:

With high stability




Clean your sore joint with wet towel, tight the supporter around the limb, use the product about 5 to 30 minutes, normally would feel heat.Use the product 1-2 times daily.


Forbidden for pregnant women, children and people who suffer Hypertensive and cerebrovascular such as Hyperpyrexia, vascular disease and skin sensation disorder

Do not use our product on any type of wounded skin.

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