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  • Name: Itch Go
  • Number: JT-SK301
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-26
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Itch Go
For The Insect Stings For Skin Itch
Works without chemicals Control bacteria and virus rapid
Suitable for all people Extremely effective for mosquito bits

Remove itch and care skin
Within 10 seconds effective

A mosquito bite appears as an itchy round, red, or pink skin bump. It's usually harmless but can sometimes cause a serious illness, such as the Zika virus (particularly harmful in pregnant women), the West Nile virus, or malaria. For most people, Zika causes a brief, flu-like illness. But pregnant women with Zika infection have had an alarming increase inmicrocephaly birth defects in their newborns — a debilitatingly small head and brain size. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posted a 2016 travel alert advising pregnant women to delay travel to 50 areas where Zika is active including Latin America and the Caribbean.

This produce is introducing intelligent control technology and using infrared heat-collecting microchip, this product can eliminate skin swelling and relieve the sense of itching caused by mosquito or other insects bite quickly.
Safety In Use No Side Effects
Reduce Swelling Without Additives
Pure Physical Method Quickly Relieves Itching
Heating and deactivation theory
Toxic matter (protein) will be dissolved/deactivated at 40-80˚C
The temperature of Jin Tong Scratchiness Terminator is set at 45-50˚C. Place the heating point to the bites to deactivate toxic bio-enzyme and eliminate allergic source. The bitten symptoms will be reduced and removed.
Effectively relieve bites by mosquitos, bees, bumblebees, ants, louse, spiders and bugs
The product is made by intelligent controlling technology and it is microchip infrared heated. It can fast relieve itchiness caused by insects’ bites. It is a pure physical treatment without any additives. It is adjustable and can be better used by different people on different body parts. It is a must-have product at home and travel.
Name: Scratchiness Terminator for Mosquito Bites    Type: JT-SK301
Size: 90*47*37mm                    Weight: around 29.6g
Color: blue                      Temperature Control: <52˚C

1. Unfold the battery cover and install the battery according to the polarities.
2.Let the head close to itching skin position.
3. Press the button to turn on the device, with the flash of blue LED illustrating the device in normal operation.
4.2 steps to choose temperature.
5.keep using 2-3 seconds after the itching removed.
1.Do not use it on or around mucosa, wounds, eyes and surrounding areas. Children must use it under adult supervision.
2.People without sense or consciousness, with slow response to temperature and infants are prohibited to use the product.
3.The product can control temperature automatically so it will not hurt skin.
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