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  • Name: Turbo SPA
  • Number: JTMY-01(JT-M301)
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-26
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Bathing Water Tap(Turbo SPA)

Relaxing Spa Massage

Home mini Spa experience

After a hard-working day, everyone deserves a break without disruption. There is nothing better than a nice and warm bathtub.

Personalized Massage

Taking a hot bath is one of the best way to relax after a day of hard working. Some people would go sauna or massage to relax. But they all cost time and money.
Jin Tong Bathing Water Tap gives you an instant hot SPA at home.


Release infrared bioelectricity

Ideal alternatives for luxury spa, sauna, body massage, hot spring
Precised processing technique
Improve blood circulation and improve the metabolism.
Enjoy nature spa at home
Smoothing skin, mitigate tiredness


Rotary Button
personalized modes from soft bubbling to strong water stream

Adjustable Water Head
multi-direction water stream provides most comfortable force

suction sticker
Special design makes it easily and tightly stick on the surface of any bathtubs


Simple and special suction sticker design is suitable for installation on any bathtubs.
•Strong water stream massage, cleaning body, keeping skin healthy and vigorous
•Soft bubble relieves tense and sore muscles.


Name:Turbo Spa

Band:Jintong Family



Weight: About 708g


Technical Date
□ Input 1-240VAC,  output: 12VDC
□Current: 5A, 

□Power: MAX 75W
□Work time: 20 mins
□Intermittence time: 5 mins 


Color:Green Orange Red  Blue

Step One:

□ Make sure the power is off and there is no water in bathtub。
□ Wet three suction stickers to give stronger suction power.
□ Install products in bathtub. (see picture 1) 
□ Press the suction side hardly to the bathtub wall.


Step Two:
□ Install products in bathtub on inner wall under described instructions above.。
□ Connect electricity wire with transformer and plug power head into electricity socket.
□ Add water into bathtub between lowest and highest water level. (see picture 2)
□ Press ‘ON’ button to turn on power and adjust rotary button to the needed mode (water stream or bubbling). (see picture 3)
□ Press ‘OFF’ button to turn off power and plug power head out of electricity socket.
□ Drain out water from bathtub, pull up the handle on the suction sticker and take products out from bathtub.
□ Plug out the wire from electricity transformer.



Do not be panic if products drop into water. It is water-proof for a temporary time so it will not be dangerous. Take out products from water, dry your hands, press ‘OFF’ button, plug out power head and gently swing out water from products. Reinstall products when they are dry. If products are soaked in water more than 5 minutes, please take them out from bathtub, press ‘OFF’ button, plug out electricity wire from transformer, drain out water and put them at dry place. Leave them dry at least 24 hours till next use.


□ Plug out power head from electricity socket with dry hands when being away, not using or unpacking products.
□ Children and patients must use products under supervision. Children are prohibited to use them as toys.
□ Do not cover products or electricity transformer with any sundries when they are wroking.
□ Do not drop or insert sundries to products or electricity transformer. Do not put products and electricity transformer on soft places such as on bed or sofa to avoid the ventilation hole blocked by soft cloth, hair and dusts.
□ Do not use products if there are damages on electricity wires or power head, products not working normally, products are dropped on floor or in water. Send them to service to check and repair.
□ Do not put electricity transformer and electricity wires in the places where they can be easily pulled or drop into bathtub. Put electricity wires away from heat source.
□ Do not pull electricity wires on products and electricity transformer.
□ Do not use products more than 20 minutes a time.


□ Clean the products with mild cleansing liquid or soap after use. Remove left sundries such as small pieces of cloth and hair from products in order not to stop air and water flow. Before cleaning products, please plug power head out and cool them down. At last, clean products with dry/wet soft sponge.
□ Disinfect products regularly to avoid bacterial. Disinfect products weekly if they are used frequently (3 or more times a week). Disinfect products every time after use if they are rarely used.
□ Products are suitable for long term and frequent use. For long storage, please put products at dry and ventilated place to avoid dampness and mildew.
Caution: Do not scrub products with abrasive liquid, brush, fuel, diesel, glass brightener, furniture brightener or paint diluent.

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