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  • Name: Fitness Disk
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  • Shelves time: 2017-09-26
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Fitness Disk

Acupressure And Finger Massage

It is a functional acupuncture device to keep fit and vivify your fingers and foot
Giving the fingers and foot a nice and easy massage and acupuncture! Feel the pleasant stimulation by heart!
To soothe and comfort your fingers and your foot ,FITNESS DISK is the most ideal companion, it is not only activate all acu-points and knuckles surrounding our fingers and foot and blood vessels,it relieves fingers and foot pain,numb fingers and foot ,or tiredness caused by repeating motions. while massaging our fingers, it also stimulates our brain activities and make us smarter.

Acupressure Balls 2pcs



Foot Acupuncture Mat 1pcs


• Relieve aches and pains            • Reduces stress and restores energy
• Helps stimulate blood circulation       •Embedded magnetic therapy
• Reflexology stimulating acupoints


Office workers hold the mouse for a long time,Hand / wrist swelling, numbness / pain, Be inflexible / unable to handle manually! Work hand in hand for a long time,
Resulting in fatigue and soreness in the hands muscles!
The wrist is sore and hands are hard to hold,Hand grip strength training is required!
  The laces are too tight, affecting the feet
The circulation of the blood is harmful to the body.
Foot motion accidental injury, need
Health care recovery.

Long term work in high pressure,

often stay up late to work overtime!

Lack of exercise for a long time, poor physical resistance, often sick!!


1.1.Human engineering design, specially for hands and foot;
2.All –round hand massage with its special shape
3.Environmental protection material, nonpoisonous and tasteless, durable


4.Hundreds of massage points, stimulating acupoints, magnetic therapy
5.Light, portable and easy to clean
6.Easy to use at home and office

Combination of traditional Chinese medical theory and modern health care. It is a massager suitable for hands and feet.

Acupressure Balls
Surface sharp massage head
Massage the acupoints,
All directional 360 degree dot matrix design,Stimulate the hand acupoints adequately; A built-in magnetic ore,
It has the function of magnetic therapy and health care!
1.Finger force training and physical strengthening Finger force, grasp power, finger dexterity and physical power will be improved after long time using acupuncture ball.
2.Connecting and enhancing internal organs functions
Turning the ball in hands will press the acupoints. The static electricity and thermal effects between ball and palm will be delivered to all over your body.


Foot Acupuncture Mat

Acupuncture foot massage pad stimulates acupoints on pelma and give foot massage. It can make certain adjustment to internal organs. Foot massage can strengthen foot energy, dredge meridians, remove disease and regulate autonomic nerves.


1.Improve blood circulation
2.Regenerating cell vitality, anti-aging
3.Clean boy toxins, maintain health
4.Clear body energy circulation channel
5.Enhancing metabolism
6.Recovering vestigial organs and preventing illness
7.Balancing internal secretion and easing stressed system
8.Enhancing organs functions and promoting smoothness among organs


Name: Acupuncture Foot Massage Pad
Brand: Jin Tong Jia
Size: Diameter is around 33.5cm
Material: Magnets, imported PVC/EVA
Color: Blue, green, orange, grey, black, white, color by order
Function: 1594 acupuncture massage bulding points, all-round foot massage and magnetic therapy

Name: Acupuncture Massage Ball
Brand: Jin Tong Jia
Size: Diameter is around 5.2cm
Materail: Magnet and high quality ABS
Color: Silver, Golden
Function: Acupuncture massage bulging points, all-round hand massage, and magnetic therapy


Best way to use:
Use acupuncture massage pad and acupuncture ball together. Acupuncture foot massage pad and acupuncture ball can be used separately.

Regarding to meridians and health, ‘inner smooth brings no pain, pains bring no inner smooth’ which is stated in Inner Classics of Emperor is the basic theory in Chinese medicine.
Some customers would feel pains at first use, and the pain will be reduced after a certain period of continuous using.


First Time Use:
1.Put acupuncture foot massage pad on non-skid floor (keep the floor dry) or carpet near wall, table or hand rails.
2.Step on the pad with one foot first and step on it with both feet for 5 – 10 minutes to adjust your body balance to the pad.
3.Hold one ball on each palm and continuously grab and loose massage balls with hands. Move your feet at the same time to get all-round feet massage and palms massage.

Beginners could wear socks to reduce the pain. After using them for a certain period, the pain will be gone. 

Suitable for:
Middle-aged woman, office worker
Housewife, people lack of sleep, people with high pressure
Worker working long time in air-conditioned environment, obese people, the elderly, people lack of sports
The elderly, people lack of sports, people with sore muscles


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