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  • Name: nylon bristle bamboo toothbrush
  • Number: JT-2339-Mnylon bristle bamboo to
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-30
  • Views : 30

nylon bristle bamboo toothbrush
The bristles are made from  medium bristle, nylon,  with high elasticity, longer lifetime, better anti-deformation, enhancing whitening.
Nylon bristles, environmental protection:
natural Anti-bacteria element
nylon comfortable natural brush head
environmental protection


Brush top:
Brush top through advanced technologies, and equipment’s processing,  a brush after polishing processing, painless while using it, and the gums not bleeding.
Natural bamboo handle:
Processing in polishing and high temperature
With ergonomico  design


Name:nylon bristle bamboo toothbrush
Material:Bamboo handle  Nylon bristles
Product Size:18.8*1.7*1pcs
Packing Size:24.5*5.6*1.6cm

Product efficacy: oral care, cleaning teeth

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