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hand by hand

5000 yeas of Chinese acupressure technique integrated with our modern technique, ACU-RING, ACU-BALLS are here to offer you a premium relaxation and a sense of wellness for your body and spirit.

The whole solution is to acupuncture our hands and feet to improve blood circulation and health maintenance

Fingers and hands

There are 6 nerve systems running through our hands to connect with heart, spleen. Liver , lungs and kidneys and our organs.

Finger and hand massage:
--- thumb for lungs: relieve Cough, chest congestion, sore throat
--- index finger for large intestine and stomach: mitigate constipation, diarrhea and indigestion
---Middle finger for pericardium: relive flustered, heartache, sleep is not good
---Ring finger for the sanjiao (triple energizer meridian): mitigate migraine, shoulder and neck pain
---Little finger for the small intestine: reduce malnutrition, hair loss, low immunity, flu

Acu-Ring = your finger massage

*To soothe and comfort your fingers, Acu-ring is the could be the ideal companion,
It can activate all acu-points and knuckles that surround our fingers and blood vessels, also it relieves fingers pain, numb fingers and tiredness caused by
repeating motions. While massaging our fingers,it also stimulates our brain

A surprising gift to your caring people and yourself.

Magnet acupressure ball

♥ Magnet Acupuncture Ball is developed on the basis of acupuncture needle, the Oriental medical instrument.

♥ Using Magnet Acupuncture Ball to stimulate the nerve and acupuncture points can improve blood circulation and health.

With more than 400 golden needles distributed on the surface of the Ball to stimulate every acupoint.
♥ Magnetic bead inside Magnet Acupuncture Ball can effectively facilitate blood circulation.



1.Suitable for strengthening hand and forearm.
2.Suitable for exercising hand grip.
Lightweight, moderate torsion with excellent stability and toughness, slip resisting sheath. And larger friction coefficient that can avoid out of hand effectively.

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