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  • Name: Oil pollution Remover
  • Number: JT-YW02
  • Shelves time: 2017-12-29
  • Views : 57

Oil pollution Remover
Strong effect on oil pollution, pure natural plant extract, environmental health, food grade,
An oil stain is a clean thing
Strong degreasing oil, fresh smell, natural formula


Are you still fretting about the heavy grease cleaning of mechanical equipment?

Mechanical equipment often produces heavy oil pollution, if not timely cleaning,
not only will affect the aesthetic, more mainly will affect the mechanical equipment service life,

Heavy oil pollution cleaning agent, it is difficult to clean the stubborn oil thoroughly, Both are highly corrosive, have pungent smell,

contain a lot of chemical cleaning agent and so on

Is your kitchen clean?
The kitchen is the most easily dirty place in the family, will often leave very difficult to clean dirt.
In particular, the place where the smoking and smoking machine is attached is more oil stained. It is a cleaning position that every

housewife is worried about during cleaning.
The kitchen stove is clean, the lampblack machine is clean, the kitchen metope is clean


Strong removal of oil pollution, oil pollution decoding (product)
Strong degreasing of oil, rapid decomposition, disintegration of deep, stubborn stains,
Efficient natural formula, pure natural ingredients, no corrosion, no stimulation
The smell is fresh, and the smell is pleasant after use
The scope is wide and can be used for any grease spots


Product name: oil pollution remover
The main ingredients are pure water, coconut oil, food grade sodium bicarbonate and so on
Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Main applications are used for washing and cleaning of food tools and equipment such as heavy oil
Hard surface;Also applicable to the kitchen heavy oil surface, such as lampblack machine,Exhaust fan, gas stove, countertop,

 microwave oven, cabinet, refrigerator,Electric fan, sink, ceramic tile, floor, table, kitchen utensils and household
 Cleaning and cleaning of oil oily surface.
Health hazard has reached food grade detergent A (direct contact with food), to people
  Health has no effect.


Excellent effect, 4 advantages
• Fast decomposition, specially designed for heavy oil
Sweep dirt, clean up the strong, do not need to be dismantled, a spray automatic cleaning
Natural biological decomposition, no residue, no secondary pollution

Wide range of application, a bottle of multi-purpose
Applicable machinery equipment, kitchen oil pollution and other places
Applicable to all kinds of heavy grease surfaces in the kitchen, such as lampblack machine, exhaust fan, gas stove, countertop, microwave oven, cabinet, refrigerator,
Electric fan, sink, ceramic tile, floor, table, kitchen utensils and household oil greasy surface cleaning, cleaning.



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