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  • Name: Air freshener
  • Number: JT-OR03
  • Shelves time: 2017-12-29
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Air freshener


Made with 100% pure natural plant extraction 
For any types perculiar odor

Start living in a healthy environment


The indoor pollution can bring negative effect to our bodies 5 times more than the outdoor air pollution. Without regular ventilation 64% of our room can be occupied by polluted air

Our product can effectively reduce with the odor from many sources such as kitchen, bedroom, cigarette, mildew, toilet, garbage and pets.

In our daily life, we are often struggling with keeping our bedrooms ventilated for some reasons, which appears to affect both of our physical and mental health.


Product describtion
PURE Herb extraction, chemicals free
Decomposite any bad smell elements
Make your life healthier
Say hello to fresh and healthy air


Multiple functions: antibacterial, mildew and decomposing bad elements


product description:
Main ingredients: purified water, natural fruit extractions, food grade twain 20 etc.

Color: Colorless or in Light yellow transparent liquid

Scope of applications: for shoes, socks, cabinets, toilets, rooms, offices, warehouses, restaurants, cars, pets, homes, entertainment venues and other bad odors 
The environment has the effect of bacteriostasis, sterilization and odor decomposition.

Health hazards: natural and have no effect on personal health.

•Plant extraction
With light fragrance
Provides a non-toxic, safe and environmental friendly protection

potent deformalin

Strong decomposition, rapid deformaldehyde elements causes bad odor

For example, it effectively eliminates formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene.

Effective on odor removal
Effectively remove all kinds of odor, purifies air


Safe and environmental friendly

A non-toxic formula that is Safe to maternals and infants

With Authoritative attestation
With Authoritative certification
Returning your health and fresh life, we speak with our experiments


Scope of application: suitable for shoes, socks, cabinets, toilet, regular rooms, office, warehouse, restaurants, cars, pets, and entertainment facilities

The environment has the effect of bacteriostasis, sterilization and odor decomposition


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