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  • Name: Odor Remover
  • Number: JT-OR03
  • Shelves time: 2017-12-29
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Remove the peculiar smell    Odor Remover
Pure natural plant extract       Returning your healthy and fresh air


What you don't know is that indoor air pollution causes more than 5 times as many diseases as outdoor, and 64% of the rooms have moderate and severe air pollution

Kitchen odor, cigarette smell, mildew smell, toilet smell, garbage cans, pet odors,

In daily life, people want to bedroom air pure and fresh, but for some reason, always appear some peculiar smell, affecting both the bedroom air, affect human body

health again, to produce a bad mood



Efficient removal of indoor odors
Odor Remover
Herb extraction, no chemical addition
Odor cannot be covered by smell
Decomposition is the absolute truth
Use more reassurance and make your life healthier
It's good to say goodbye to the smell and fresh air
3 green reason: no corrosion, no stimulation, no toxicity
Multiple functions: antibacterial, mildew and decomposition


product details:
The main ingredients: pure water, natural fruit and fruit extract, food grade twain 20, etc.

Color: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

Function : Main USES for shoes, socks, cabinets, toilets, rooms, offices, warehouses,Restaurants, cars, pets, homes, entertainment venues and other smell
The environment has the effect of bacteriostasis, sterilization and odor decomposition.

Health hazards: natural and have no effect on personal health.

Excellent effect, 5 advantages
•Plant extract
Plant extract, light fragrance
Pure natural plant extraction, non-toxic and harmless, safe and environmental protection

potent deformalin

Strong decomposition, rapid deformaldehyde

More than a dozen harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene are effectively eliminated
Formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene

Strongto remove taste
Strong catalysis, decomposition of odor molecules
Effectively remove all kinds of odor, odor and purify air
Kitchen lampblack, food odor, bedroom musty smell, toilet smell, pet stink

Safety and environmental protection
Maternal and infant safety, non-toxic formula
Pure natural plant extract, non - toxic and harmless, no secondary pollution
Maternal and infant safety, no toxicity and stimulation, no secondary pollution

Authoritative attestation
Authoritative certification, trustworthy
Use facts to speak, quick to see results, let you rest assured use
Pure natural, plant extract
Non-toxic and harmless, pollution-free
Returning your health and fresh life, let you use more assured


Scope of application: suitable for shoes, socks, cabinets, bathroom, room, office, warehouse, estaurants, cars, pets, homes, entertainment

venues and other smell。  The environment has the effect of bacteriostasis, sterilization and odor decomposition


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