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  • Name: Scalp & body massager
  • Number: JT-E106
  • Shelves time: 2018-01-11
  • Views : 41

Scalp & body massager

Descriptions Of The Goods:-------------------------------------------

1. Luxury Unique 3D Stereo Appearance Design
2. Ergonomic Design Is Easy To Carry       

4. Built-in Li-lion Battery and waterproof
5. FOUR Massager Heads Massaging Fully,Deeply And Widely
6. Special Rechargeable Technology for best safety recharge


Product Feature:-----------------------------------------

•Water proof 3D head massage  •10 minutes massage time  •2 speeds model

•USB charge device         •Use for head massage



Style No.: JT-701     Size:140*110*110mm    Power: 5V, 1A(USB)  Battery:3.7V
Voltage:AC 100V~240V   50/60HZRotation/minute: 10 minutes


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