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  • Name: Smart Wireless Handy Massager
  • Number: JT-E105
  • Shelves time: 2018-01-11
  • Views : 222

Smart Wireless Handy Massager

Descriptions Of The Goods:

1.Simple Style Fashionable Appearance.    
2.Patented Powerful and Quiet Motor.
3.Light Weight And High Capacity Built-in Lithium Battery Help to move easier.
4.Skin-friendly silica gel-fall in love by one touch.
5.Water proof design for different using environments.
6.One Travel Lock Button Control 6 Modes with one Power button.
7.Portable High-speed Vibrating Brings Unique Enjoy.
8.5 Minutes timer is good for health.
9. 3 speed intensity two auto modes and one auto speed on one button control.

Skin - Friendly Material
Built-in Lithium Battery
USB Charging Line Intelligent Mode



Style No.: JT-806   Voltage: AC 100V~240V  50/60HZ    Output:5V,1A    

Rotation/minute: 5 minutes     Size: 250*50*78mm    Weight: 0.4Kg
Material: Silica + ABS


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