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  • Name: Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators set (Heartmate2 kits)
  • Number: JTX-03A(04)/U80R
  • Shelves time: 2018-03-06
  • Views : 134

Heartmate2 kits is including blood pressure monitor and blood pressure controller--- electrostatic nerve stimulators. It is a unique product for your blood pressure measurement and improvement for your family.

Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators(Blood Pressure Improver )

The angina and heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, kidney damage, coronary heart disease....happening every minute in the world.

* Measure the blood pressure is possible BUT UNENOUGH!!!

* Treated with drug therapies is POPULAR method BUT DAMAGED KIDNEY!!!


5000 years ago Our Ancestors found the nerve system, herbs and Physicotherapeutics by acupuncture, massage, cupping..... which is no side effect and good for disease treatment.

Our Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators is made of on basis of medical theropy of biological energy and Chinese medical theropy of acupuncture , through intergrating TCM and modern science and technology, with the help of microelectronic technology and new materials. It is a wearable medical equipment for hypertension prevention, hypertension reduce, hypertension control. It has been approved by Medical CE standard. It will beone of best product in the world for hypertension treatment.


Its mainly functions are:

Physicotherapeutic       Prevent Hypertension     Reduce Hypertension    Control Hypertension    USB Charge
Balance blood pressure   Smart WK chip            Self-treatment         No side effect          Use twice a day


 It relieve the symptoms of high blood pressure, which is dizziness, migraine, palpirations, insomnia, pulse weakness, body debility, medication related impotency and other symptoms associated with high blood pressure and its medications.


Invented Patent No. Zl200910038365.2      Utility Model Patent No.   Zl200920053904.5   


The market deserves the best products that improve high blood pressure, control high blood pressure and prevent high blood pressure. On this opportunity to share with Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators with you and your family.


The first and TCM wearable treatment device for your wellness in high blood pressure with best in technology.

Use it twice a day to keep blood pressure health without side effect.

We are according to the market requirement to develop the open style adjustable strap and ring style adjustablestrap for different people.



Product parameter
Product Name Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators(Blood Pressure Improver ) JTX-03A(03)
Product Size/Weight 23.5cm×6.1cm×2.15cm, Weight 55g

LI-PO Voltage: 3.7V,     Capacity: 300mAH 

Charging voltage: 5V,  Charging current ≦ 300mAH

Frequency : 0.1~100Hz,

Adjusted ring strap,  USB charge power

Product display
Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators(Blood Pressure Improver ) JTX-03A(03)
Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor(JT-U80R)


The device has passed the strict clinical testing.
The device has got medical CE Approval

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