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  • Name: Orthodontic braces (Stage 2)
  • Number: JT-OB0102
  • Shelves time: 2018-05-11
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Product Name: TEETH COVE (STAGE 2)      Product Material : TPE

product Weight: 8.2g             Product Size: 5.6*4.3cm 

Product Color:purple

Product Feature:                                                                                      

This product: using the standard dental arch orthodontic teeth, using the physics principle.
To correct the teeth, to be done with a gentle and lasting force.

The movement of the teeth does not harm the teeth and the surrounding tissues, thus making the teeth align.

①:Lip Block - slows the contraction of muscles and forms good breathing habits.            
②:Update closure design to remove bad breath habits;
③:The tip of the tongue avoids the force of the tip of the tongue on the teeth and improves the dislocation。
④:The dental arch orbit, bidirectional mechanics, covered with teeth.

Stage 2:

▪ The elastic hardness is moderate, suitable for medium light.
▪ The teeth are irregular, and the dislocation is not very.
▪ Serious, can be used directly, make.
▪ Use 6-8 months.


Product  Advantage:                                                                                     

1. Safe Material
 Food grade modified TPE material. Material soft and hard moderate.

2. Obvious effects
Dental hospital  Precise control of tooth displacement

3. Side effects of small
It is safe and safe for the teeth.
The organization is basically harmless.

4. Practical
Economical and convenient to wear,
Do not affect work and study;

5. Functional
Corrective teeth are also available.
To prevent night bruxism.

6. Beautiful and fashionable
Invisible braces,
Portable and portable;  Small volume,

Product Application:                                                                                     

1.Light teeth are crowded, Not neat;
2.Buck teeth, Anterior teeth protrusion;
3.Thin teeth, Large gaps;
4.The upper and lower incisors cannot bite, mouth can't closed;
5.Crooked teeth, Cause adjacent teeth skew;
6. The ground is covered by the sky and the lower front teeth.


How to use?                                   

confirm the size:cutting the suitable shape according to your tooth Boiling water to 75-80°C
Put mouth-guard into water soak about30 seconds
 Put mouth-guard into mouth, use your hand aquash with the upper lips and adjust to comfortable position, then closed tooth put it into cool water and finalize the design
warm Tip:If the tooth guard is found to be uncomfortable in the mouth, Repeat as long as the water temperature does not exceed 70 degrees set until you are satisfied!

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