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Eyes Vision Training Pinhole Glasses is a Safe, relaxing and completely natural vision training technique for your eyes.eyes vision comprises more than ten different functions, the most common being:
•1. Accommodation - the ability of  the eyes to focus.
•2. Convergence - the ability to bring the eyes inward when looking at close objects.
•3. Divergence - the ability of the eyes to go outward when looking from far to near.
•4. Version - the ability of the eyes to look and follow objects in all directions.
•5. Steropsis - the ability to judge the relative distance of objects and to see in three dimension.
•6. Saccades - the ability to quickly look from one object to another.
•7. Reduces stress and strain caused by squinting
•8.Just a few minutes a day can offer gentle eye muscle strength training.

Although the concept of pinhole glasses has been around for some time, it is only in recent years hat pinhole glasses have risen in popularity. This is in part due to the more stylish and well-finished designs that are available on the market today together with a greater acceptance of their usefulness by consumers and medical professionals alike.

It is now widely accepted that pinhole glasses do "exercise" a person's
eyes and indeed even ophthalmologists' use pinhole equipment to check eyes for refractive disorders during eye examinations.

Pinhole glasses temporarily improve the sharpness of an image allowing your brain to find the point of focus. During this process the focusing muscles of the eye are getting used more and this regular exercise helps your eyes focusing system.

2. Product Specification:

Product Name:Pinhole Glasses
Product size:(L*W*H) 16CM*0.5CM*5.7CM、frame length;14CM
Product material :PC
color:Black Blue Red
PACKAGE:PP plastic bag

3.Products use:
Wear it look far away, Each time 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times every days
Many people who've used pinhole glasses, for even a short
time, comment on how more relaxed their eyes are and
how they can see more clearly. Pinhole glasses are most
suitable for activities such as sitting indoors and outside,
reading, skiing, computer work, and watching TV.

Along with the various functions involved with vision, we must also recognize that vision may be enhanced with practice. The ability to practice the various functions involved with vision is what vision training is all about.

At last! An easy to follow vision program that takes only minutes a day. Try out the Pinhole Glasses from Natural Eyes and you too may see the difference!

1.Are there side-effects?
a.None,except that due to the restricted peripheral vision,one should not wear it when driving or moving about outdoors for safety considerations.

2.When and how long do you wear pinhole glasses?
a.Frequent substitute of prescription glasses(TV,computer,and reading)with pinhole glasses will result in improved vision,natural,risk and drug-free.
b.You are likely to experience 10-20% vision improvement in 2-4 weeks.
c.For severe myopic,astimatic and presbyopic case(>5.0 diopter),stepped-down prescription glasses are helpful when used in conjunction with pinhole glasses.

3.How long do we need to wear pinhole glasses to experience vision improvement?
a.It is not the length of time wearing pinhole glasses to achieve vision improvement but reducing or eliminating the root cause of vision challenges-stress
and strain in the visual system.
b.Minimize the use of prescription glasses helps.
c.Substituting the overpowered glasses with pinhole glasses or stepped-down glasses also helps whenever it is safe and appropriate.

4.How do we know my vision has improved?
a.The world has become super-sharp,and your existing pair of glasses feels over-powered and may even cause a headache.
b.You can also use a Snellen Eye Chart to measure your vision improvement.
c.You should consider using your previous pair of lowered-powered glasses or have the lense stepped-down.


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