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Fitness Disk

Acupuncture can have beneficial effects on the immues system and the circulation.

It is a functional acupuncture device to keep fit and vivify your fingers and foot. 

Giving the fingers and foot a nice and easy massage and acupuncture! Feel the pleasant stimulation by heart!

To soothe and comfort your fingers and your foot ,FITNESS DISK is the most ideal companion, it is not only activate all acu-points and knuckles surrounding our fingers and foot  and blood vessels,it relieves fingers and foot  pain,numb fingers and foot ,or tiredness caused by repeating motions. while massaging our fingers, it also stimulates our brain activities and make us smarter.

4000 yeas of Chinese acupressure technique integrated in our  ACU-BALLS and ACUPUNCTURE FOOT MAT offer relaxation and feeling of wellbeing for your body and spirit.

This is whole solution for hand and feet to improve blood pressure circulation and bring health to human body.

Suitable for:

● Elderly people,people who are lack of exercises,people who have feet cold,people who have muscle pain.

● Middle-age couple,working adults,people who are”Chi”less.

● Housewives,people who are not enough sleep,stressful working adults.

● Working adults who are exposed in the air-conditioned room,people who are overweight, elderly people, people who are lack of exercises.

1\ for fingers and hands----------------------------------------------------------------------------

There are 6 nerve systems running on our hand to connect with heart, spleen. Liver , lungs and kidneys and our organs. Finger and hand massage can improve the health. 

— thumb for lungs: improve Cough, chest congestion, sore throat

--- index finger for large intestine and stomach : improve constipation, diarrhea and indigestion 

---Middle finger for pericardium,: improve flustered, heartache, sleep is not good

---Ring finger for the sanjiao (triple energizer meridian): improve migraine, shoulder and neck pain

---Little finger for the small intestine: improve malnutrition, hair loss, low immunity, easy to catch a cold

Magnet acupressure ball

Magnet Acupuncture Ball is developed on the basis of massaging heedle, the Oriental medical instrument. 

Using Magnet Acupuncture Ball to excite the nerve and acupoint can promote blood circulation and improve health.

More than 400 golden needles on the surface of the Ball are distributed according to the acupoint system of human body, which work to excite nerve and acupoint.

Magnetic bead inside Magnet Acupuncture Ball is effective to promote blood circulation.

2\ for foot--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Foot Acupuncture Mat

What is Foot Massage?

The theory of foot massage is plainly simple, but the practice is far more complexthan the other therapeutic techniques. It is commonly associated with the concept of reflexology, which is pressure therapy that involves applying a focused pressureto the particularly known 

reflex points in the foot to cure any form of discomfort. However, it is important to note that foot massage is different from foot reflexology. In reflexology, some of its benefits will happen automatically by virtue of massaging the feet, while on foot massage, the main aim is to help the tired feet feel better.

Core Advantages:

•Non-toxic and durable to withstand heavy weight  

•Ergonmically designed for foot arch,heel and toes

•Hundreds of micro-acupressure acupoints                          

•Lightweight and easy to clean

•Use barefoot or with socks; standing or sitting down        

•Convenient for home and office use

•Magnet points help restore energy and boost circulation


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