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  • Name: Pill Box
  • Number: JT-PB04
  • Shelves time: 2018-07-17
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Pill Box Manual

Model: JT-PB04


Product features:

1.Four sets of alarm clocks correspond to four sets of alarms.

2.Alert voice when four different errors.

3.Two independent working modes of speech and vibration.

4.Light reminder function.

Boot: hold the "S" button for three seconds to start the electronic timer, and the number appears on the screen.

Power off: hold three buttons at the same time for more than three seconds.

Select work mode:

1.System default is voice reminder*.

2.Hold the "H" button for 3 seconds: switch the voice and vibration mode, and there will be oornesponding prompt.

3.Vibration mode: the product is reminded to take medicine in vibration mode.

4.Voice mode: the product voice announces the way to remind to lake medicine.

Set the time.

1.Press "S" five times until ® flash on the screen

2.Press "H" to set the hour.

3. Press "M" to set the minutes

4.Press “S” to confirm the setting.


In the state of the clock: simultaneously hold the "H" and "M" keys to make the 12/24 hour switch, and the system default is 24 hours.

Set four times a day.

1.Press the "S" button to set the "morning" alarm, and the 1 on the screen flashes.

2.Set the alarm clock by the "H" button.

3.Set the alarm clock by pressing the "M" button.

4.Press ”S" to confirm the setting.

At this point, the black dot on the screen will appear above 1, indicating that the setup is complete.

5.Press "S" button two, three, four times to set the noon on the same way, in the evening, the first four sets of alarm dock to ensure that the black dot on the screen will be displayed on the top of 2,3 and 4. The time of alarm dock in voice mode.

The alarm clock will be repeated four times.The light flashes every three seconds to remind you to take medicine. Press any key to turn off the sound and flash.

The four sets of prompts were:

1. Now is the time to take the first medicine. I wish you health and happiness.

Now is the time to take the second medicine. Have a good day.

Now is the time to take the third medicine, I wish you the best of luck.

Products and timer, can push the timer from down to up, remove the timer, can from top to down timer

back again


M key: minute key

S key: power on/set key.

H Key*, hour key/mode switch key,

Speaker hole battery door.

Now is the time to take the fourth medicine and wish you a happy family.

If you do not press any button, the function will be activated when the error occurs.

Screen lights will flash every three seconds and continued, the timer every 5 minutes played a voice, a total of three times continuously, press any button to turn off the sound, the timer will keep the original set of alarm clock time.

The four groups of outdated warning voice are:

1. You missed the first time of taking the medicine. For your health, please take the medicine on time.

2. You missed the second time of taking the medicine. For your health, please take the medicine on time.

You have missed the third time. For your health, please take the medicine on time.

You missed the fourth time of taking the medicine. For your health, please take the medicine on time.

Time of alarm clock in vibration mode.

The product will vibrate for 36 seconds. If there is no button operation, it will vibrate for 9 seconds every 5minutes. 3 times. The light flash every three seconds. Press the key to stop the vibration in the process. Cancel the alarm clock.


1. Press the "S" button normally until the screen shows the set of alarm clocks that you want to cancel, and the alarm symbol and the set of alarm docks will flash.

2.Simultaneously press "H" and "M" to clear the alarm clock.

3.The corresponding black dot will disappear, indicating that the alarm clock is canceled.

LED backlight:

The backlight will be lit by pressing any button.

Power supply :

1.Built-in 3 button batteries. Model LRI1130

2. Replace the battery when the screen is dark.

3.When replacing the battery, please pay attention to the positive and negative direction, ensure that the three batteries are in the same direction, and the positive pole is opposite the spring.


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