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  • Name: Acupressure Machine
  • Number: JT-E101
  • Shelves time: 2017-04-18
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The miraculous Electro-Acupuncture self-treating device for muscle pain relive



Size:15cm*5cm , Weight:88.6g; 

Technical Date:  INput:9V, Output:600Vmax-800VmaxElectric frequency:16Hz

Color: Black, Red and Gray


Main functions:

Acute pain does not last long and chronic pain persists for long periods,

suitable for both kind of pain relieve

Blood circulation improvement   •Nerve system stimulation  • Body acute and chronic pain relieve


Product Introduction


The Acupressure Machine is a simple, self-helping device, with electric pulse stimulation technology which can revitalize, invigorate and enhance the body's energy level


What is the principle of acupuncture?


The Acupressure Machine is based on the traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment. Since a long time ago, Chinese doctors started to use Silver Needles to treat diseases through puncturing the relevant acupuncture points. 

It has been gradually accepted and acknowledged as an unusual and effective treatment around the world. Such as Europe, North America, Middle East , South-East Asia and Africa

Traditionally, the acupuncture follow a series of "life-force"("qi") lines called "meridians"("jin"), which circulates within the body longitudinally. The relevant points for treatment must be accurately located by a trained acupuncturist or Chinese traditional doctor, who knows how to operate the stimulation (by penetrating through the points special needles)



Our unique designed product

The Acupressure Machine stimulates points with 36 metal-plated, non-invasive pulse pins. Users can easily apply the device to the approximate area as on the indicate manual, without knowledge to the Chinese acupuncture theory.


What kinds of pain can be dealt with our product?


The Acupressure Machine is designed for relieving a wide variety of pains, aches, including reliving muscular stress on joint, back, shoulder, elbow, knee, neck and rheumatic. The symptomatic relief for most pains and aches can be achieved soon after a period of pulse stimulation



However, the Acupressure Machine cannot be used as a medical cure for a thorough recovery



1.Click the on/off button on the side of the product, select a pulse intensity level by turning up the regulator knob from low intensity


2. Place the device on the area where you feel pain, tensioned (carefully avoiding the areas and conditions noted above in the WARNING section)


3. Gradually turn the regulator knob, halt when you feel a tickle sensation. The sensation should be able for you to tolerate, indicates that you have reached the correct level of intensity. The level can be adjusted by your own need in the treatment.


4. Stimulate the selected area about 5 minutes. Do not press the Acupressure Machine deep into skin as it may cause injuries by over irritation.


5. If the Acupressure Machine application begins at the first onset of a specific pain, ache or tension, significant symptomatic relief will be generally achieved. In cases of long-term or chronic pains, better relief response is achieved on the repeated treatment, with a gradually increased period or time between each application.

This self-relief therapy is totally safe,with no side-effect.





Clean its metal plates with a wet fabric





If battery is inserted correctly, the red light on the side of the Acupressure Machine will flash when turn on, otherwise the red light will not flash.


Limited warranty


The Acupressure Machine warranty against defects in material and workmanship lasts one year from the date of purchase. Jintong and its overseas distributors who do not assume the responsibility for any damage/injuries caused by misuse or other than those described in the instruction manual.


1. Do not apply the Acupressure Machine device on or near to an open wounds or injured area

2.Do not use the Acupressure Machine device if you suffer heart disease thrombosis or any coronary problems, unsuitable to use during pregnancy

3.The Acupressure Machine device should be kept out of the reach range  of children


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