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  • Name: Sleeping Partner
  • Number: JT-S402
  • Shelves time: 2017-04-19
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Sleep Partner
Principle of traditional Chinese medicine meridian therapy
Physical therapy, no side effects
High - tech electrostatic field technology
Product Descriptions:
  Sleeping mate (sleeping partner) is a physio therapeutic health care product which has specially WK chip technology for people who suffering from insomnia and car/sea sickness.
Treatment Mechanisms:
Sleeping mate is based on the principle of traditional Chinese meridian therapy to insomnia, combined with modern medicine and high-tech electrostatic field’s balance technology, the biochip in acts on human body’s Nei Guan and Shen Men acupoints, promoting sleep and improving sleep quality.


Scopes of Application:

for improve the insomnia and car/sea sickness.


Remove sticker from back and place holes directly on the Shenmen accupuncture point.

Electrical impulses are released and act as a sleep aid.

Bracelet should be worn 30 minutes to one hour before sleep, and should be removed in the morning.
The Shenmen accupuncture point is located at the intersection of an imaginary vertical line from the middle of the base of the fourth finger ( on the palm side of the hand ) and the upper horizontal crease line across the wrist.

Place the small ball on the Neiguan accupuncture point.

Adjust the pressure of the ball by gradually turning
the adjustment knob.

The Neiguan accupuncture point is located at the intersection of an imaginary vertical line from the center of the base of the middle finger ( on the palm side of the hand ) and an imaginary horizontal line approximately

two fingers width below the lower crease line of the wrist.


1. Sleeping mate (sleeping partner) has the dual functions:
--- acupoints pressing
---electrostatic regulating.

2. Sleeping mate (sleeping partner) can be worn on one wrist, or both wrists.

3. before sleep, wear it in 30 to 60 minutes , then take it off next morning for insomnia
Before taking a bus or boat, wear it in 30 to 60 minutes for travel sickness problem


Bracelet may be worn on left or right wrist, or both wrists, if necessary Avoid moisture when wearing and store in a dry place.
Factory sealed. Sh'd not be opened by consumers.   

valid for one year.

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