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  • Name: Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators(Blood Pressure improver)
  • Number: JTX-03A(04)
  • Shelves time: 2017-04-20
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Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators (Blood Pressure improver)

Deaths caused by diseases such as angina, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney damage and coronary heart disease etc. happen every minute in the world.


Therefore it is important to:

* Measure your blood pressure often

* Build up an awareness on controlling it


5000 years ago, our ancestors discovered the nerve system within our body.


Therefore we often practice many physical therapies such as acupuncture, massage, cupping etc.


Our Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators is developed based on the traditional biological energy therapies of the Chinese medical systems, mixed with modern integrated TCM, static electricity technology, microelectronic technology and various modern materials. It is a unique product can control and maintain your blood pressure in a healthy level.



The Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators is the first TCM wearable treatment device that have ever been invented for developing wellness in controlling our blood pressure.


Our device is a wearable medical equipment for hypertension prevention, hypertension reduction and hypertension limiting. It has been approved by CFDA more than 29 years. We will use it to strive for the greatest inventions of the world for hypertension treatment.


Main functions:

Reduce blood pressure

To prevent Angina, heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, kidney damage, coronary heart disease etc.

And provides a basic blood pressure balance


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We are able to customize various adjustment straps for different requests from our customers.


Invented Patent No. Zl200910038365.2     



Product parameter
Product Name Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators(Blood Pressure Improver )
Product Size/Weight 27.5cm×6.1cm×2.15cm, Weight 72.8g

LI-PO Voltage: 3.7V,     Capacity: 300mAH 

Charging voltage: 5V,  Charging current ≦ 300mAH

Frequency : 0.1~100Hz,

Adjusted ring strap,  USB charger

Product display
prevent hypertension balance blood pressure


The product has passed the EU clinical testing.
The product has got the approval from Medical CE


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