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  • Name: 100pcs bag High tensile dental floss pick
  • Number: JT-808 100bag
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-19
  • Views : 174



100pcs/bag High tensile dental floss pick 
Ergonomic oral care dental floss

High tensile string picks for deep gum cleaning and massaging 


Dental floss pick designed for daily oral care along with toothbrush.
It is a highly efficient, safe and with a sanitized etc. standard product 

The regular toothbrushes can only clean up 70% of your teeth surface but the floss pick can clean the remaining 30% of your teeth

Smooth curved floss pick design
Over 2 kilograms of tension on the floss to protect the gum,
For removal of tartars and food debris.

Non-slip handle with ergonomic design.
The end of the floss pick can be use as a tooth pick to remove larger tartars in 45 degrees angle, easy to reach the gap between teeth.





Using our dental floss pick to keep our gums and teeth stay healthy.

【Product name:】 100pc/bag High tensile dental floss pick

【Product material】UHMWPE floss + PS handle

【Product size】19.5*12.4*3.3cm  77.4g  100pcs/bag

【For people】Suitable for all groups

【Product efficacy】Oral cleaning


Professional packaging: independent portable box packaging, easy to carry;

Shrink film sealed box, safe and hygienic; with cartridge switch, easy to use;



High tensile UHMWPE floss pick
Safe and effective
Cleaning without hurting your teeth and gum
1. Easily cleans up tartars between teeth and gums,Remove small food scraps, meat residue, Avoid food residue
2. Protects the gum and removes the odor between teeth
3. Prevents oral problems such as dental caries and bad breath;
4. Stylish package design, light-weighted , for business trips, dating and necessary elections.


1. Slowly move back and forth to slide the floss into the gap between your teeth

2. The floss should be attached on one side of the tooth, rub the floss upside down to clean the tooth.
3. Gently remove the dental floss, use the end of the floss pick for bigger tartars.












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