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  • Name: Nano white teeth rub
  • Number: JT-W005
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-20
  • Views : 143

Nano white teeth rub




Our teeth whitening kit uses the newest nanotechnology, internal nanometer capillary structure, which greatly cleans the Surface of your teeth.

Suitable for cigarette, coffee, tea, fruit juice, chewing betel nut stain, and other food coloring.

★The product can prevent black teeth and for the removal of various stains and pigments upon teeth enamel.

product name: Nano white teeth rub
product number: JT-W001
product Component:

Box of 1 Handle Stick fixed with a cleaning strip
Box of 2 Refill Cleaning Strips

product Materials: • PP handle stick
• Melamine sponge cleaning strip

product size:
product packing:
1 x Handle Sticks fixed with cleaning strip, packed with aluminum foil bag.
+ 2 x Refill Cleaning Strips, packed with aluminum foil bag.
+ 1 x English Manual
ALL packed into a color box.
product application: Tobacco Tooth, Coffee Tooth and other brown tooth
Eco-friend: •chemicals-free     •non-toxic    •100% safe
•99.9% anti-bacterial  •no hurt enamel


cleans teeth with instant effect, each particle is smaller than one in millionth of the hair.

Physical decontamination:

whiten and without damaging the enamel, internal nano capillary tube. Absorb dental plague.

Non-toxic and harmless:

American technology, without chemical agents;

Environmentally friendly:

Made with fine primary materials

Friendly tips:

1.Soak the tip part of the product (nano micamine foam) slightly;
2. Gently wipe your teeth downward

3. After wiping your teeth, gargle immediately

4.Use it once in 10-15 days.

1. Keep the product away from kids from 0-3 year old

2. Unsuitable for pregnant women

3. Unsuitable for teeth injuries

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