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  • Name: Tongue scraper
  • Number: JT-101
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-20
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Tongue scraper

Tongue scraper, tongue coating cleaner, tongue coating brush,

reduces bad breath, Double-sided tougue scraper for oral care (JT-101)

Are you suffering from bad breath?
According to the Authoritative oral investigation: More than 90% of the bad breath cases are caused by food debris that remained in our mouth. They are mainly stucked between the teeth,or sticked on the tongue and oral cavity wall.The tongue is resemblance to a breeding ground for various bacteria, hundreds millions bacteria can be seen under microscope on its speciments. They have a similar nature to rotten eggs, especially when various dead bacteria mixed with yeast cause smelly odor. It is the bane of severe oral, respiratory, blood and other diseases.
Bad breath is more than a disease, it directly influences our social interaction and relationships. As we all know, nobody would like to make conversations with someone who has a bad oral smell. In America and Europe, people often use the tongue scraper to remove their rotten breath, which has also proved by practices and medical theories.

Tongue is the essential part to taste. After teeth brushing, cleaning your tougue with a tongue scraper can remove food debris that remained on the tongue, and to prevent bad odor to generate in our mouth. Also, brushing your tongue can recover your taste buds, to adjust the body function.The tongue scraper is cheap, can be repeatedly used, and pure mechanical product without side effects to our health, and it has a significant therapeutic value.

According to the data, 85% of the bad breath are caused by tongue infections, to clean the tongue coating is the only way to keep your mouth clean and hygienic, make your breath fresh, and maintain the good atmosphere between people.
Tongue scraping can effectively remove plague on the tongue. The tongue scraper is made of special soft plastic that protects the taste buds, which cancels the nausea effect.
Product name: Tongue scraping  JT-101
Product color: Crystal pink, Crystal blue
Product material: PS Handle, TPR Brush
Product size: 13.7CM*2.6CM  38g
Product capacity: 1pcs
Packing Blister, color card or custom
Product efficacy: Clean the tongue coating, eliminate various plague





How does it work? 


1.Stretch out your tougue until the scraper is able to reach as far as it can;

2. Drag the tongue scraper from the bottom to the tip of your tongue repeatedly;
3. Use it before brushing your teeth and clean it immediately;
4. Dry it along with your toothbrush;
5. Tongue scraper cannot be used in order to prevent the disease transmission;

This product is recommended to be used twice a day, to confirm that the scraping edge is effective, best to be replace in 3-5 months.


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