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  • Name: Tongue scraper
  • Number: JT-102
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-21
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Tongue scraper

Tongue scraper, tongue coating cleaner, tongue coating brush,

remove bad breath,Oral care soft and double-sided tongue scraping JT-102

Are you still suffering from bad breath?
Authoritative oral investigation report:More than 90% of the bad breath cases are caused by bacteriaproduced by food that remains in the mouth. The bacteria in the mouth are mainly stuck in the teeth, between teeth, tongue and oral cavity wall.The tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria, there is are hundreds millions bacteria on the tongue. They not onlycorrupt, produce sulphide gases similar to rotten eggs, and the bodies of bacteria mixes with the yeast to produce even worse gas. Severe tongue bacteria can cause oral,
respiratory, blood and other diseases.
Bad breath is more than just a disease, and it directly influences social interaction. No one likes to deal with people who have bad breath.American and European people have the habit of using the tongue scraper to remove bad breath.
Practice and medical theory have proved that using the tongue scraper is a simple and effective way to eliminate bad breath.

Tongue is the main organ of taste, after brushing teeth, while using the tongue scraper to remove the coating of the tongue, remove the food that remains on the tongue,Eliminate the odor in the mouth, and can restore the taste buds to taste the correct taste, and not too over taste,harm the body function.The tongue scraper is cheap, can berepeatedly,and are purely mechanical,no side effects for the human body, and its therapeutic value is obviously due to mouthwash.

The reason for the bad breath is that the food we eat will remain on the surface of the tongue.that is the usualtongue coating, According to the data, 85% of the bad breath are caused by tongue cleaning problems,Only remove the tongue coating can keep the mouth clean and hygienic, make the breath fresh, emanate the natural atmosphere.
Tongue scraping can quickly and effectively remove the plaque on the tongue. Its special soft plastic can not hurt the taste buds, which not easy to cause disgusting effect.
Product name: Tongue scraping  JT-101
Product color: Crystal pink, Crystal blue
Product material: PS Handle, TPR Brush
Product size: 16cm*3.5cm  17.4g
Product capacity: 1pcs
Packing Blister, color card or custom
Product efficacy: Clean the tongue coating, eliminateforeign body


How to use and matter:
1. Extend the tongue out to let the scraper able to clean the furthest point;
2. Drag the tongue scraper to the tip of the tongue and repeat to achieve better results;
3. Use a tongue scraper before you brush your teeth and clean the tongue scraper after use.
4. Rinse thoroughly after each use of the scraper, and leave the water as far as possible. Place the head in a mouthwash cup or place it in a ventilated sunny place to dry and sterilize it.
5. Tongue scraper cannot be used in order to prevent transmission of diseases.
It is recommended to use the tongue scraper twice a day, to confirm that the scraping edge is effective, It's best to replace once in 3 ~ 5 months.
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