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  • Name: Mint and Waxed Flosser 50m
  • Number: JT-703
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-21
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dental floss
Professional Dental Floss for gum protection  
What is flossing?

No matter how carefully you are while brushing your teeth, there are always many dead ends that your toothbrush bristles are unable to reach.

Food particles can turn into tartarr between your teeth and hide under the gum. A simple routine of daily teeth flossing, can help prevent tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease.

If you are having trouble on handling a floss, you might want to try our floss holder  aid. An inter-dental cleaner provides narrow brushes, picks to remove stains between your teeth. Better to seek advises from your dentists.

How does it work?
With its shred-resistant texture, it can slide easily between your teeth.
It helps you to clean the tough-to-get tartar away.
Use it daily, keeping your gum teeth to stay healthy.



Using our dental floss to keep our gums and teeth away from oral diseases.

【product name】JT-703
【box size】 46*49*18mm
【box weight/product weight】 7.0g/14.6g, 

【length】 50m( Customizable 30米 15米 10米)

【Best within】5years
【product material】Case :PP
           Floss:Dacron/Nylon/PTFE/PP Yard  available



1. Dental floss box trimming blade, easy to cut lose!
2. Independent packaging, a box of 50 meters of floss, durable, easy to carry,it embellishes your delicate life!
3.Dental floss box can be opened completely, the floss uses unbreakable and flexible polyester strings.
4.The packaging box uses PP material, it has a high density and crystallinity linear polymer,with excellent and comprehensive performance, unbreakable during use.
Beginners can easily operate the product Sterile material, harmless for the gum
There is no more trouble to break
Adopt special wear-resisting material, quality assurance;
The flavor of dental floss can be customized


1.Hold a 12 to 15 inch of the floss between the thumb and index finger of each hand and tight it around your fingers

2.Gently, using a sawing motion, pull the floss between two of your teeth without letting the floss snap into your gums.
3. slide it over the gum. Move the floss in an up and down motion on the side of the tooth.
4.Repeat this procedure between each gap. Use a clean section of the floss for each tooth.


The use of polyester, are thinner than any ordinary dental floss, can easily enter the gap between your teeth, soft and comfortable, be careful while operating!


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