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Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators (blood pressure improver)


Deaths caused by diseases such as angina, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney damage and coronary heart disease etc. happen every minute in the world.

Therefore it is important to:

* Measure your blood pressure often

* Build up an awareness on controlling it


5000 years ago, our ancestors discovered the nerve system within our body.


Therefore we often practice many physical therapies such as acupuncture, massage, cupping etc.

The characteristics of our device


Prevent Hypertension Reduce Hypertension Control Hypertension USB Charge

Balance blood pressure

Smart WK chip


No side effect

Daily use

Hypertension Reduce

Our Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators is developed based on the traditional biological energy therapies of the Chinese medical systems, mixed with modern integrated TCM, static electricity technology, microelectronic technology and various modern materials. It is a unique product can control and maintain your blood pressure in a healthy level.

The Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators is the first TCM wearable treatment device that have ever been invented for developing wellness in controlling our blood pressure.


Our device is a wearable medical equipment for hypertension prevention, hypertension reduction and hypertension limiting. It has CFDA certificate more than 29 years . We will use it to strive for the greatest inventions of the world for hypertension treatment.

31 years experience on wearable hypertension therapy apparatus

blood pressure improver

 * physical therapy no side effect  * Hospitals clinical validation * Reduce the high blood pressure   *Balance blood pressure   


*Traditional reduced hypertension is:by drugs withside effect for a long-term using

The latest survey shows that:
China has more than 300 million high BP cases 
including stroke/myocardial infarction incidence

Many patients are taking medicines for hypertension for a long time
But do you know there are serious side effects?





BP drugs can damage the heart, brain, liver, kidney and other important organs.

Taking them often can lead to liver misfunction and liver injury.

They also damage your digestive system.

They only mitigate the hypertention for a limited time.

How does it work

The 6th electrostatic Nerve Stimulators is a smart wearable medical device to balance the blood pressure.

Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators researched and development that inspired by the Chinese medical system its Yin and Yang theory.

It is a fusion between the principle of modern bio-energy medicine and traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, added with the microelectronics technology and high-tech WK chip development .

The special structure of 7 holes to release  a electrostatic wave to  adjust the human body nerves and reduces the specific related meridians system abnormal potential to adjust the body overall function, and achieve the purpose of adjuvant treatment for hypertension and prevent its related diseases such as to prevent Angina, heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, kidney damage, coronary heart disease etc.





















Product Name:

Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators



Product Model:




Invented Patent NO:


Utility Model Patent NO:


Product Weight:


Place of Origin: Guangzhou china

It is suitable for primary I and II hypertensive as an adjuvant treatment

Validity: 3 years





1.Remove the cover 2. Fit in the right position (Neiguan) 3.Adjust the strap Press the turn on botton 


We will use it as a exibition to strive for the world's greatest inventions against hypertension

30 years of electrostatic nerve stimulators (blood pressure improver)
Were known as the "Oriental magic watch" in Paris before
and have won variousawards in Geneva international invention exhibition and USA etc.

For more tips please seek answers from our manager

Wechat: Sindytangjintong



We are able to customize various adjustment straps for different requests from our customers.


Invented Patent No. Zl200910038365.2     


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