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  • Name: Acupressure Mat
  • Number: JT-YM01
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-22
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Backache relieve, Sleep improve
Body energy adjust
Improve body metabolism!

Back Problem:

Backache is one of the most common problem hospitalizes people or cause eternal disability. Because of the social media, most of people are suffer from this issue because of the mobile phone addiction.
According to the TCM, the back is main route for Qi and blood running and there are 6 nerve systems on the back. Many diseases are caused by the blocked Qi and blood circulation, if it is not circulating well.

Acupressure applies the same principles as acupuncture to promote relaxation and wellness against diseases, which known as pressure acupuncture. Acupressure is often considered as a simple acupuncture  therapy without the needles with more than 6000 acupoints massaging your back. 


porous acupuncture petals
with slope design
all-round massage

Suitable for all parts on body


01.Effective pain relief, including head, neck, shoulders and backache to sciatic nerve pains.
02.Blood circulation enhancement, metabolism speed-up, sore muscle relief.
03.Meridian treatment, relaxes nerves, for insomnia, dizziness mitigation.
04.Strengthens immune system.

Product Name: Back Pad
Product size/weight:

L: 79CM*50*3CM, weight:672g
M: 73CM*43CM*3CM, weight:473g
Product material: 100% Cotton cover, ABS Spike flowers   

Product color: Purple, Olive,

Some customers would feel uncomfortable during the first use, normally people gets use to after a certain period of continuous using.

Lay flat of any part of your body on the pad, such as head, neck, back and hip. You can stand on the pad for a foot massage. Recommend massage duration: 20 – 40 minutes.

Warning: For pregnant women, people suffers inflammations or open wounds on skin, low blood pressure, cardiac diseases should not use our product. Children should use it under adult supervision.


●  Upper back massage. It stimulates the Fei Yu acupoint of the lung, Du Yu acupoint ( for relieving chest stuffiness and regulating vital energy), and Ge Yu acupoint (regulating blood condition, smoothing body center and stomach).

● Lower back massage. It stimulates Gan Yu acupoint ( for hepatic diseases), Dan Yu acupoint ( for gallbladder diseases), Pi Yu acupoint ( for invigorating spleen, harmonizing stomach eliminating dampness).
● Massage on the scapular blades can stimulate the acoupoints, which can do health care on head, facial diseases, cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulders.
● Dorsal back massage. It relieves chest stuffiness, regulates vital energy, lifts chest, lays back scapular blades, massage the Da Zhui and Feng Men acupoints round neck and shoulders.
● Massage all the acupoints on the back, helping the meridian treatment, promoting inner energy and blood circulation, reflexively adjusting visceral activities, and enhancing visceral functions.
1.Massage pad can only be used when you are wearing thin clothes/socks. Do not wear heavy clothes/socks to reduce the effects.
2.While washing, take out sponge, hand wash with washing liquid in warm water, rinse and hang it till dry, do not machine wash.
3.Store massage pad in cool and dry place after washing.

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