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  • Name: Foot Acupuncture Mat
  • Number: JT-C509C
  • Shelves time: 2017-09-22
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Foot Massage Acupuncture Mat (with magnet)

Foot health care,  foot massage,  traditional Chinese medicine meridian,

Foot sore:

Trauma, injuries are the most likely reasons of foot sore. Also, footwear with low ergonomic alignment can also cause discomfort to our feet


According to TCM, the foot is “second heart” for human body. There are 66 acupoints on the each foot. Massaging them would help to reduce blood pressure and mitigate other chronic diseases. Also it helps to improve our immunity.


Main functions

♥ Reduce high BP           ♥ Foot massage        ♥ Foot sore remove            

♥Tiredness of muscle  


Principle of blood circulation

Principle of reflection Principle of meridians and collaterals Principle of nervous system
Health materials European and American standards excellent quality  durable

1. designed to fit all sizes of foot

2. Relaxes the nerve ache, eases tiredness of muscle

3. magnet points help restore energy and boost circulation

4. hundreds of micro-acupressure acupoints

5. lightweight and easy to clean;

6. Convenient for home and office use

Acupuncture foot massage pad stimulates all the acupoints on foot pelma to give massage that can make certain adjustment to internal organs to strengthen body energy, dredge meridians, remove disease and regulate autonomic nerves.


More than 6000 special acupuncture and moxibustion, massage 66 feet meridians at the same time;

10 400 kose magnets, promote the blood circulation promoting blood circulation

designed to fit all sizes of


   Name: Acupuncture Foot Massage Pad
Brand: Jin Tong Jia
Size: Diameter is around 33.5cm
Material: Magnets, imported PVC/EVA
Color: Blue, green, orange, grey,  color by order
Function: 1594 acupuncture massage bulding points, all-round foot massage and magnetic therapy



Some customers would feel numb during their first use, and the numb will be reduced after a certain period of continuous use.

Tips for first timer
1.Put the acupuncture foot massage pad on non-skid floor (keep the floor dry) or on the carpet near an reliable object.
2.Step on the pad for 5 – 10 minutes to adjust your body balance.
3.Hold one ball on each palm and continuously grab and loose massage balls with hands. Move your feet at the same time to get all-round feet massage and palms massage.

4.Beginners could wear socks to adapt the feeling.

Suitable for:
Middle-aged group
Housewife, people suffers insomnia and high pressure
indoor workersobese people 
The elderly, people lack of sports, people with sore muscles
Drink a glass of 200ml mineral water before and after the foot acupuncture .
Walking Style:
● Step on the Foot Acupuncture Mat,you can move on the mat randomly.
● Suggestion:10 minutes each time.This action can be repeated many times.
● Benefits: Improve blood circulation,promote”Chi”,apply it multiples,you will be more energetic.
● Suitable for: Elderly people,people who are lack of exercises,people who have feet cold,people who have muscle pain.

Heel Style:
● Step on the Foot Acupuncture Mat using your heels,you can move on the mat to the left or to the right.
● Suggestion:10 minutes each time.This action can be repeated many times.
● Benefits: Good for digestion system.
● Suitable for:Middle-age couple,working adults,people who are”Chi”less.

Toe Style:
● Step on the Foot Acupuncture Mat using your toes,you can move on the mat to the left or to the right.
● Suggestion:5 minutes each time.This action can be repeated many times.
● Benefits: It helps to improve shoulders pain、headache ,release stress.
●Suitable for:Housewives,people who are not enough sleep,stressful working adults.

Relax Style:
● You can use the Foot Acupuncture Mat when you are working or watching TV or taking rest.Just relax and step on the mat while you are sitting on a chair.
● Suggestion:20 minutes or above for each time.This action can be repeated many times.
● Benefits: Good for blood circulation,good for digestion and stomach gassy.
● Suitable for:Working adults who are exposed in the air-conditioned room,people who are  overweight,elderly people,people who are lack of exercises.

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