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About us

Guangzhou Jintong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Was established in 1990, Guangzhou, China, we are the specialist and manufacturer team in blood pressure management and sub-health management etc. For the development of our new products. Our company uses the medical concepts of "disease prevention and self-help physical therapy" on our products, to gradually dominate our health by preventing diseases itself.

Nowadays, in the highly developed human civilization with serious environmental issue, people needed a healthier mind and body to face the challenge environmental change and mental health issues.

The Chinese medical discipline has more than 5000 years of experience on disease treatment, combined with highly developed western technology to created our company culture. We are standing on the foundation of these two pieces of solid, to make the new generation of medicine on human health.

Our goal is to combine the knowledge from of ancestors and with modern western technology to improve our lifestyle.

Jintong company was the inventor of the first wrist wear medical equipment for blood pressure control as known as our Jintong Bracelet, which has won many awards as:
 silver prize at the 19th international inventions exhibition in Geneva in 1991
 Silver prize at the 62nd world inventions expo in Paris in 1991
 Gold prize at the Chinese high technology & new products exhibition in Beijing in 1992
 Gold prize at the Chinese high quality health product fair in 1992
 Gold prize at the American invention convention & new products exhibition in 1992.